Self medication during
pregnancy is not advisable.

A mother's love is whole
no matter how many
times divided.

Smoking during pregnancy
can cause Still Birth and
developmental problems to
the fetus.

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Four safety tips to observe if there are children in your environment

A  26 year old mother heard her doorbell ring  while  having fun with her 24 month daughter in her room. She hurriedly ran to attend to the person at the  door. She returned after a few minutes only to find her daughter holding a bottle of kerosene. She got terrified and rushed to take it from her lovely princess but unfortunately she had already drank some. Attempts were made to remedy the situation but it was too late and so the baby lost her life.


Unfortunately for her, that was how she lost her baby. Seemingly, adults tend to look down on the intelligence of babies. Jean Piaget, a well known psychologist asserts that babies observe and imitate  whatever is done in their environment. Practically, it is something that happens. It is naturally never the intention of any mother or caregiver to poison  a baby. However, If some precautions are not observed, babies may become disabled or even die out of domestic accidents.  Specified below are some precautions that must be adhered to especially when toddlers happen to be in your environment.


  • 8984b952-4fcc-11e6-ba91-9b331c0ddad9_1280x720Do not put detergents into containers that were previously filled with an edible substance.  For instance,  do not  store liquid detergents in a water bottle because a child is psychologically conditioned to the fact that the bottle always contains water. Therefore, any liquid in that bottle is water to the child. With just a few minutes of  separation from the baby, he or she can crawl to that bottle and drink the content of the bottle. And that can be very dangerous to the health and life of the child.



  • 031500Always keep electrical gadgets out of the reach of children. Extension boards are usually kept on the floors at homes. Toddlers especially, are curious about their environment and so they like to explore everything around them.With their five senses( sight,touch,smell,taste and hearing), they  like to test  objects around them to better understand their environment. Extension boards on the floor could be very dangerous because babies can put them in their mouths especially when they have teething itches.


  • bead-in-handAlways monitor them when they are close to small objects and accessories like earrings, necklaces and wrist chains. Toddlers are attracted by colourful and shiny objects so they are tempted to  explore them and they might just put them in their mouths. It is also not advisable  to wear a dress with many hanging pearls  in it when carrying a baby. He/she can pull a pearl and swallow it. He/she  could even put it in his/her nose.



  • cf9f009ba8749637a756570c681c544fMedicine is another thing to keep out of the reach of children. As stated earlier, babies observe and imitate. They can pick up a drug and drink especially if it is a syrup because they have seen adults drinking it.  Teaching Hospital (KATH) recorded a total of 318 cases of home poisoning, involving children between January and June,2005 -Ghana Web Report on 15th Oct, 2005.It is very important to keep  medicine out of the reach and also remind visiting people about the safety tips of medicine storage.



It takes a conscious effort to keep children safe.As usually said, It is better a thousand times careful than once dead. Keeping children safe is a lot of work but it is worth the work.

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CHILDBIRTH AND PAINS: How to ease pains during labor

a woman in l

Some women have died during childbirth. Others have had  lifetime complications as a result of childbirth. Generally, childbirth has been known to be excessively painful and due to this, some pregnant women get so anxious about labor. Apparently, the population of     labor- scared people goes beyond even the pregnant ones.

Labor varies from woman to woman and even from pregnancy to pregnancy. However, it is realistically a hard work to do.The excessive pain is  mainly due to  the contractions of the uterus. Another reason why women experience excessive pains during labor is the fact they are scared. When fear grips the mind, the whole body is affected. Because they are not able to breathe deeply, the whole body becomes tight and  is not able to push very well for the baby to come out. It is very necessary for pregnant women to psyche themselves against the fears of labor to reduce the pain during labor.

A woman’s body is designed to withstand pains during labor so it is possible to give birth without experiencing the level of imaginary pains from the horrific stories that have been heard. To be able to naturally manage the pains of labor, there are some basic remedies to help.  

  1. Massage  helps manage pains during labor.Usually, the back aches badly during labor but having someone massage the back stimulates the body to naturally reduce the pain a bit.
  2. Breathing helps to manage pains during labor. However, it’s important to breathe deeply, repeatedly and through the mouth as well.
  3. Giving birth in a water pool relaxes the body against excessive pains. In Ghana, the water birth system is being adopted but it is not so common in a lot of hospitals.


  1. Creating a good environment helps ease pains. A good environment in this situation means an environment that would make giving birth quite comfortable. If delivery would be in the hospital, it would be helpful to bring some items from home to make the delivery room familiar and personal. Soothing music can also be used in the labor room to switch the mind from pain to relaxation. That if this can be done.
  2. Positioning the body rightly is a way of managing pains during delivery. For some women, lying down is comfortable for them but sitting in a slanted position is known to be very good because it puts the uterus in a good position for contraction. Since it is the contractions of the uterus that causes pain, a good position of it helps to ease labor pains to some extent.
  3. Lastly, midwives and nurses should give positive motivation and words to all pregnant women when they are attending to them. I remember one midwife shouted on me when I was about to take my tetanus vaccination when I was pregnant. She said if you can not take this injection then how will you give birth. The labor pain is not child’s play. Midwives and nurses are supposed to be encouraging us not adding salt to injury.

Even though childbirth is painful, the natural remedies specified above help to ease the pains. There is no point in getting scared about labor. Yes, it is an extremely hard work to do but others have been able to do it.  Hence, it is possible for pregnant women to give birth safely and naturally.


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Prenatal care is basically care given to pregnant women from the initial stages of pregnancy to the time just before delivery. Medlineplus states that “Prenatal care is the health care you get while you are pregnant. It includes your checkups and prenatal testing. Prenatal care can help keep you and your baby healthy. Standards for Maternal and Neonatal Care  by the Department of Making Pregnancy Safer, World Health Organization states that  ‘all pregnant women should have four antenatal care assessments by or under a supervision of a skilled attendant’. The importance of prenatal care will be discussed subsequently.

First of all, prenatal care helps to monitor the development of the fetus. The bump of the mother is measured from time to time to track how the fetus is growing in size.The blood test and the physical exams also  tell much about the health status of the pregnant woman. With the help of 3D ultrasound, the fetus’ sex( whether male or female) can be determined. Monitoring of the fetus development is necessary for taking proactive measures  to prevent possible disabilities. Therefore, prenatal care is important for monitoring the development of the fetus.

It also helps the doctor offer the right nutritional advice. As part of the prenatal care given in Ghana, some form of tutorial is given to attendees to enable them know the right food to eat. Nutrition during pregnancy is important because some nutrients like vitamin K,C and folic acid  are needed for extra blood production, the general well being of the mother and the development of the  fetus’ neurological system and cells. It is important because it helps the doctor to know the nutrients that the mother is deficient in and how to supplement it naturally through dieting.

Additionally, prenatal care gives the opportunity to create a birth is not so common in Ghana. Birth plan basically helps to plan whether the other partner should be present during labour and choose where to give birth. It basically helps you to have ‘a say’ in what happens during  delivery. At prenatal classes. The to-be mother and the husband can make the plan with expert advice from the doctor or health assistant.

Most importantly, it helps to prevent possible maternal and neonatal mortality. A number of women have lost their lives during birth.Prenatal care can help curb complications that  lead to death of mothers during delivery. To eradicate maternal mortality, it is key to receive prenatal care during pregnancy.

Prenatal care is necessary for reduction of maternal mortality and other related problems. The World Health organization has recommended that every pregnant woman should receive at least four antenatal visits during pregnancy.

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5 must-eat foods when pregnant


Nutrition during pregnancy is very important for the healthy living of the mother and fetal development. Pregnant women eat not only to feed themselves but also their fetus. To a high extent, what a pregnant woman eats in her daily life can determine her health and how the baby develops. Seemingly, too many of the foods that are eaten in this current world of ours are processed. Meanwhile processed foods usually contain a lot of artificial preservatives like Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) which can cause cancer and neurological problems. To the pregnant woman, the implications of eating too much of processed foods can be seriously bad. Specified below are five natural foods that are recommended for pregnant women to ensure their healthy life to enable a smooth fetal development.

Firstly, egg is is highly recommended for  pregnant woman. Eggs are known to be very nutritious because they are high in protein. During pregnancy, a lot of the fetus cells are formed. The proteins gained from eggs help in the cell formation of the fetus.

Secondly, Taro Leaf (Kontomire) is another recommended food for the pregnant woman. Taro leaves  contain folic acid and iron. Anaemia is common amongst pregnant women. Folic acid from kontomire  helps to produce the extra blood that is needed during pregnancy. Iron gained from kontomire helps the body to fight against diseases  and stress  during pregnancy. It is therefore recommended that  pregnant women eat Taro Leaves to boost their  blood level for a healthy living.

Sweet potato is another food  to eat during pregnancy. Sweet potato is rich in Vitamin A which helps  in the development of the fetus’ heart, kidneys and eyes. It is also rich in dietary fibre which helps the body to fight against constipation.

Avocado Pear is also good for pregnant women. Avocado contains a number of vitamins like Vitamins C,E,K,B1 and B2 which help in  fetal development. It also contains iron – which is good for the prevention of anaemia.

Lastly, tomatoes are also good for pregnant women. Tomatoes provide vitamin K  which can boost the blood level to prevent blood loss during childbirth. It acts as a natural antiseptic to protect the body against infections during pregnancy.

Conclusively, Eggs, Taro Leaves, Sweet Potato, Avocado Pear and Tomatoes are five basic foods that are endorsed for pregnant women for a healthy  mother and fetus. However, there is an exception to these recommendations.Thus, depending on some health conditions, doctors may advise a pregnant woman not to eat any of the foods mentioned above.  

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